Business Model

The Oilberta's business model is to identify conventional and unconventional oil and gas assets with significant upside potentials, develop the assets, and produce or divest the assets.

Oil and gas industry is a very profitable and promising industry, but due to the large capital investment requirements, only a few large companies are able to operate in this industry. Oilberta has developed a business model that makes it possible for smaller investors to participate in this profitable industry as well.

Oilberta's business principal is to create profitable growth and not growth for growth's sake. Risks and rewards are balanced in Oilberta's project portfolio.

Optimization Solutions is Oilberta's master piece where in a collaborative process we assess and resolve the challenges with reservoir increase, production increase, cost reduction, and environmental impacts and also assist our clients in procuring the required equipment and supplies for the optimization process.

Oilberta's success is being led by an experienced team with strong corporate governance and capital cost discipline.



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